Our Newark Water Heater Repair Team Can Handle It!

our Newark Water Heater repair team is available 24/7We get so many calls for broken water heaters that we have created a crack team of specialists who deal with this particular problem. If you are experiencing problems with intermittent hot water, no hot water at all, leaks, rusty water, popping sounds or even mysterious whining sounds coming from your unit, our Newark CA water heater repair team can handle it. We've seen everything from completely rusted out tanks to faulty pilot light valves and know just what to look for to handle your water heater issue.

Is Tankless Right For You?

Our Newark water heater repair team will always suggest upgrading from a conventional heater to a tankless one when the situation calls for a replacement. This is because they last almost twice as long as new conventional water heaters and cost less to run. They are our team can help you pick out the best watere heater for youalso easier and less expensive to maintain and repair. Even though tankless heaters are the best choice when you need a new water heater, they aren't always the best choice if you simply need a repair. Sometimes it is more economical to repair your current water heater and employ heat loss stops to make it run at peak efficiency.  Some of these suggestions may be to insulate water heater lines and purchase an insulated cover for the unit itself. This mitigates the heat loss and allows you to turn down the temperature of your heater thus saving both money on heating and extending the life of the sacrificial anode on the heater interior.

Get The Most Out of Your Water Heater

There are several other tips and tricks up our Newark water heater repair specialists sleeves. To find out more ways to get the most out of your current water heater or to discuss the options for a new one, call our Newark plumbing team today!

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